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Meine Kinderzeit in Wisconsin

Für manche Leute ist das Konzept der Heimat nicht so klar, aber es ist einfach für mich meine Heimat zu nennen. Seit zwangzigen Jahre wohne ich in der kleinen Stadt, Brookfield, in dem Bundesstaat,Wisconsin. Ich beschreibe Wisconsin als meine Heimat, … Continue reading Continue reading

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First Impressions

1.  There used to be a name for gifted people like Aiko. Tobi ga taka wo umu, or a hawk born from kites.  Only now, everyone can be a hawk. 2.  If you ask for her most treasured memory, she’ll tell you it’s a scent.  Ask her for her favorite story, and she’ll say it’s a song. […] Continue reading

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Songs for the Road

Hi, 7 year old Angie! Being 7 years old is the best! Do you like big kid school? The bus lady is nice and gives free popsickles.  Brozzor beats you up sometimes but is a great older brozzor and takes good care of his sister. You will hear him play pretty violin songs.  Mommy and […] Continue reading

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Grumpy the Dwarf

As I approach the ripe old age of 21, I can look back fondly on some wonderful moments in my life; however, those truly unforgettable memories are often dark ones.  Like any other average Joe, I have seen enough violence and betrayal to question the kindness of other people.  After seeing some of my closest […] Continue reading

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Reflections: Gattaca (1997)

“There is no gene for the human spirit.” This was my first time watching the film Gattaca, and I have to say that I was thoroughly engrossed for all 100 or so minutes.  There were a number of specific things that I enjoyed, including the death and rebirth end scene that strongly reminded me of the opening […] Continue reading

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Animation through the Ages

Even though I’m at the ripe, old age of 20, I still have a huge passion for Japanese animation.  Yes, I mean “anime.”  I feel like many people are judging me already and thinking, “Oh, anime…that’s like Pokemon, right? Just kid’s stuff.”  Honestly, who can blame them?  The Japanese animation that has permeated the American […] Continue reading

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Self and Cyborg

Sometimes, I love to daydream about what it means to be well…me. Each person is unique not only in terms of appearance, but in personality and thought patterns. We each embody a set of memories that were produced from our own experiences, and we carry these memories throughout our lives.  I enjoy, however, mulling over […] Continue reading

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