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[Bonus] The Alien Enemy

In the film adaptation of H. G. Wells’s novel, The Ware of the Worlds (1953) imagines a future where the next phase of warfare in human history is the introduction to enemies that are far beyond the bounds of human nature. The invasion of Earth and the introduction of virtually indestructible enemies is a trope […] Continue reading

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What’s So Human About monsters?

First of all, I feel morally obligated to admit that my first glimpse of Bram Stoker’s infamous monster probably took place on the floor of my living room while I stared at the television as a pale purple and fanged Muppet counted. Yes, I am referring to Sesame Street’s “The Count.” Although this parodied version […] Continue reading

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Empathy or Pity: Racialization and Alienation in Sci-Fi

When reading Haggard’s “She,” I came across a common trope that has bothered me for some time. The novel depicts the adventures of the two men as they travel through Africa with the protection of British Imperialism. Although the novel’s narrator describes Vincey as an infallibly beautiful Greek god, Holly’s description focuses on the alienness […] Continue reading

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