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The Spectrum of Privacy

“Privacy is not a static construct. It is not an inherent property of any particular information or setting. It is a process by which people seek to have control over a social situation by managing impressions, information ows, and context.” In other words, privacy is what you make it. There is not a definite definition […] Continue reading

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Bright Defiance: Greenhow Girls

The story of the Greenhow girls, as portrayed in this podcast, is incredibly interesting and intriguing. The investigation of the story of little Rose and her blatant defiance to an authority draws the listener in within the first few minutes. It was very fascinating to hear about the use of even the simplest cryptography in […] Continue reading

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An Interdisciplinary Approach

While German overconfidence in the enigma did eventually contribute to the cracking of the code and their subsequent downfall,  the use of mathematicians and scientist as opposed to linguists and classicist ultimately made the most difference. Many mathematicians and scientists are interdisciplinary. For example, Alan Turing was both experienced in math and building machines. Being […] Continue reading

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An Insecure Environment

Before the Vigenère cipher, which gave more security for code makers, “anybody sending an encrypted message had to accept that an expert enemy codebreaker might intercept and decipher their most precious secrets.” (Singh, p. 45).  Nothing of extreme importance should have been sent because the risk that it could be read by a code breaker was […] Continue reading

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Paradox of the False Positive

In Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, the main character Marcus discusses the paradox of the false positive after the Department of Homeland Security had set up certain security measures in order to capture possible terrorists and keep people safe. But instead of keeping people safe, they instead instilled fear of simply walking around the town […] Continue reading

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Is data mining the key to preventing campus violence?

The central argument of “Mining student data could save lives” by Michael Morris is that data mining of students could be the key preventive solution to stopping acts of violence on campuses. After utilizing data mining after attacks had occurred revealed huge warning signs that led to eventual shootings, universities realized that technology exists that […] Continue reading

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The Vulnerability of A Weak Encryption

Having been arrested for the murder of her husband and imprisoned by her cousin Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots was in a extremely vulnerable position. Any correspondence between Mary and the outside world would need to be of the highest concealment, so she and her correspondent Babington utilized a nomenclature that consisted of code words […] Continue reading

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