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Where Does The Carbon Go?

Signing off with your fortnightly dose of science news. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere recently surpassed 400 parts per million, higher than it has been anytime in the past 400,000 years. But only half of the human produced carbo… Continue reading

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Tiny Aliens

Water. Over 60% of our bodies consist of it. Without it, we can barely survive for a week. And under certain conditions, that number decreases drastically. In space, water is potential. Water signifies the possibility of life. Even if it does not neces… Continue reading

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The New Space Age

As our world moves further and further away from the space fervor of the Cold War, increasing doubt is cast on the ability of government programs such as NASA to propel us into the new space age. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe a government program… Continue reading

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More Than Just a Year in Space

When confronting the problems of long-distance space travel we have the usual culprits: the impossibility of travel at light-speed, the minuscule breadth of human lifetimes (generation ships, anyone?). Science fiction already has all the solutions. Science doesn’t. But some topics even science fiction doesn’t seem to explore very often. What if humans simply deteriorate? What […] Continue reading

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A Bright Future

Reading time travel stories got me thinking about the way that cities might manifest themselves in the future. I imagine they’ll look something like Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Massive, reflective (glass IS the material of the future, isn’t it?), hopefully green. Green in multiple senses. Full of public parks and people mingling among trees in […] Continue reading

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