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This is why I should never be a character in Science Fiction.

In my opinion, “Entanglement” was one of the most beautiful stories that we read this semester. The way that Singh wove together the brief snapshots of multiple lives was so satisfying to read. The ending left me with that “A-ha!&#822… Continue reading

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“Your Majesty, have you had a chance to look through the etiquette handbook that the Kadarowo so kindly sent to us?” “Hmm..I may have flipped through a couple pages.” “Your Majesty! We are meeting with the Kadarowoan Prime… Continue reading

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The Yuck Factor

“Why is incest wrong?” This was the question that my logic professor asked the class once. (It wasn’t the most pleasant way to start out the class.) He emphasized that he wasn’t advocating for incest, he merely wanted to know th… Continue reading

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If only you knew…

I hate the researchers. I loathe them with every fiber of my being. I was not conscious for the procedure, of course. I was only a microscopic cell when they first implanted the DNA of their own kind into me. After my birth, I was allowed a miniscule amount of time with my mother, until I was violently […] Continue reading

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I’m sorry, what was your name again?

In my ten-something years as an avid reader and token bookworm, I had never had this experience before. On the first day of class, I came prepared with an annotated copy of “Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov and the seemingly impossible goal of not making a fool of myself in front of other College Scholars. Everything seemed […] Continue reading

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