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Tell me a story

What do you value over everything else when it comes to video games? For me it’s story, every time.  I don’t care if it’s an old game or if the graphics are just bad, or if the gameplay is a little clunky, or if it’s too long or short of a game.  If it has … Continue reading “Tell me a story” Continue reading

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Two Eyes are Better Than One

Hi friends, I’ll be posting with the wrong group today, because I 100% forgot that the syllabus was incorrect about which group was up last week. Since our time exploring different types of virtual reality and with Ready, Player One on the schedule lately, I haven’t been able to get VR off my mind recently.  That … Continue reading “Two Eyes are Better Than One” Continue reading

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Cancer is not enough

That Dragon, Cancer deals with one of the saddest imaginable situations: losing a child.  Honestly, I have a very hard time thinking of a more depressing and emotionally significant premise for a game.  I’m usually a big sucker for story-driven, emotional games and I thought that I would really enjoy this game.  However, to my surprise I … Continue reading “Cancer is not enough” Continue reading

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Braid: Memories and References

I’m not sure why, but although I have a fairly wide variety of game genres that I play, games such as Braid rarely make it into the rotation.  I played plenty of side-scoller and top down games when I was younger, but it’s unusual for me to play one anymore.  That is not to say … Continue reading “Braid: Memories and References” Continue reading

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