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Digital Media and Education

This class has taught me so many unique skills and provided me with very helpful knowledge for my interests and studies in education and training, as well as in Human and Organizational Development (HOD). Besides the very obvious skills of game design, blog writing, and media presentation, I also learned very important professional skills through […] Continue reading

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The Kitely Museum

I love museums, especially historical ones, and I believe they truly provide a unique and exciting method of education. I would love to work in the museum field, so when I discovered that Vanderbilt was offering a class in exhibit design, I knew it would provide an excellent opportunity to learn all about museums. My […] Continue reading

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Learning and Fun: A History Nerd’s Perspective

I love History. SO. MUCH. In second grade, my elementary school had “career day” where we dressed up like what job we wanted to have when we grew up. I wore a vintage outfit and cape in order to be a “docent seamstress.” In my free time, I would devour books about life in historical […] Continue reading

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Can you hear the people sing?

Les Miserables is a fabulous movie, and from what I’ve heard, also a fabulous musical. The music is phenomenal, the story is powerful, and the emotion is almost overwhelming. After I first watched it, I stumbled out of the theater awe-struck by its beauty, certain that it would win every sort of Oscar imaginable. Andrew […] Continue reading

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A whole new world

Like many of my classmates, I am very new to gaming. My first “quest” in Lord of the Rings Online involved figuring out how to actually get the game to work on my computer. The game worked for a few days, and then I suddenly had difficulties getting the game to load. After hours of […] Continue reading

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King of Kong: Who is the King of Games?

At first glance, King of Kong seems to be a basic history of videogaming, with a few really passionate players talking about how much they love these games. The film takes a drastic turn when the conflict about Roy Schildt and Steve Weibe versus Billy Mitchell begins. I was surprised to hear about the so-called […] Continue reading

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Reflections on Braid

When I first heard that we would be playing a game called Braid, the first thing that popped into my head was an image of a Celtic knot, something in the style of Disney’s Brave. Of course, the actual game was very different from my conceptualization of it, but it was interesting nonetheless. I met […] Continue reading

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