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Genetic Modification as Creation?

One of the aspects of Oryx and Crake that has stuck out to me thus far in reading it is how Snowman deifies the titular characters.  He paints Oryx and Crake as the creators of the people that live around him in his post-apocalyptic world and says that he speaks to them, that he is their […] Continue reading

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A Look at Literature Via Cloud Atlas

In his novel Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell makes some creative moves in connecting his barely connected stories.  The novel is one of the most self-aware books I’ve ever read.  Mitchell introduces the idea that his characters may be reincarnated versions of each other, but before that idea is even allowed to germinate, he has one of […] Continue reading

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Stories Give Life (and Give it Meaning)

When you listen to someone tell a story, it’s sort of like you get to live a small part of someone else’s life.  It could be the life of the storyteller, of a fictional person, or of someone else who first told the story.  In Andrea Barrett’s short story “The Behavior of the Hawkweeds,” from […] Continue reading

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God and ethics in Dr. Moreau

As scientists push the boundaries of genetics, society faces ever more ethical questions.  Well before any of our modern ideas about genetics came about, however, there was H.G. Wells, who gave us a look at tampering with nature in his The Island of Dr. Moreau. The titular doctor, though not a geneticist, creates chimeras through extensive […] Continue reading

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The code of life may tell us “how” we are, but not “who” we are.

In the PBS documentary Cracking the Code of Life, the viewer gets a glimpse at the science and issues surrounding the growing field of genetics.  Since actually making sense of practices like DNA sequencing is pretty complex, the feature uses comparisons pretty liberally.  Eric Lander, the geneticist that the host probably spends the most time […] Continue reading

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