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Sharing Is Caring – Or Is it?

In It’s Complicated, author danah boyd writes “In a world in which posting updates is common, purposeful, and performative, sharing often allows teens to control a social situation more than simply opting out. It also guarantees that others can’t define the social situation” (boyd 75). boyd points out that by sharing small snippets of one’s life, they can […] Continue reading

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The False Positive Paradox

While I had previously worked with false positives in various statistic problems, I never considered the implications behind it. Cory Doctorow addresses this “false positive paradox” in his book Little Brother. In the story, the narrator, Marcus, talks about a “99 percent accurate” test for “Super-AIDS” (Doctorow 47). However, this means the test is one […] Continue reading

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The Power Of The Individual

One of the main reasons the cryptanalysts at Bletchley Park were successful could be contributed to the German overconfidence in the Enigma machine. Their hubris blinded them, and this blinding trust in the strength of Enigma ultimately led to the German downfall. However, certain individuals also contributed to the ultimate defeat of the Germans – […] Continue reading

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Hidden In Plain Sight

While almost everything on Elonka Dunin’s website seemed very interesting, the one thing that stood out the most to me was her presentation on steganography. She goes into great detail on what exactly steganography is, and whether or not terrorists were truly utilizing steganography to spread hidden messages. Elonka found that to this date, Al Qaeda’s […] Continue reading

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Victory At All Costs

The Zimmerman telegram could be described as the key leading to an allied victory and the end of the war. However, after being deciphered, Admiral William Hall decided to keep America in the dark, withholding the contents of the telegram from President Wilson. Despite the immediate danger this posed to the United States, I believe […] Continue reading

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The Uncomfortable Truth

Time always progresses, despite any actions you might take. Quinn Norton points out a startling and uncomfortable reality: even after undergoing extensive security precautions or making every possible effort to remain secrecy, any information you provide on the internet will one day become public. As long as time progresses, your data is never truly secret. […] Continue reading

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Ancient Influences On A Modern World

In a world enveloped by constant communication and endless data transfer, the necessity for privacy remains a top priority. With the aid of cryptography, society hopes to maintain secrecy in various interests, ranging from personal matters to governmental espionage. Yet how secure can we ever truly become? As human civilizations advanced, the intricacies of cryptography […] Continue reading

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