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[BONUS] Poe: Only the Lonely?

I recall my first experience with Edgar Allan Poe as if it was yesterday. It’s my sophomore year of high school on Halloween. My Pre-AP English teacher is clad in unusually dark colors, and she dims the lights while narrating “The Tell-Tale Heart” in her most foreboding voice. I am attracted to the ominous atmosphere […] Continue reading

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Confessions of a Librarian’s Daughter

I can’t stand when people watch a movie before they read the book. There. I said it. Even back in fourth grade when a film adaptation of Jeff Kinney’s renowned Diary of a Wimpy Kid hit theaters, I was appalled by my young cohort watching in awe from front row seats, so mindless of the […] Continue reading

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CRISPR, Cloning, and Self Preservation: How SF Handles Morale

Cloning is my favorite thing ever. Okay, let me rephrase. Studying the sociological and scientific impacts of cloning is one of my favorite intellectual ventures (second only to my recent research on the Oxford comma). In high school, I even had the opportunity three times to hear renowned Harvard-alum Sam Rhine lecture at his annual […] Continue reading

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