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Parents Can Be Friends

“I do not believe teenagers ‘need’ privacy—not when it comes to the Internet. I track everything my kids do online. I search their bedrooms too. I’m the parent—I’m not their friend.” -Christina In my honest opinion, this statement is over the top. The fact that she goes that far to invade all forms of privacy […] Continue reading

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From War Machine to “Wow! Double Rainbow”

99% Invisible’s podcast Vox Ex Machina is an excellent telling of the story of speech encryption. I found myself listening to a  intriguing story that sounding nothing like a excerpt from a textbook, and one can tell that the producers definitely enjoyed what they were talking about. This in turn made me take notice of the […] Continue reading

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Factors of Victory

Singh argues that German overconfidence in their Enigma was the main reason for Allied crypt analysts cracking the German’s monstrous cipher. However, if it were not for the involvement of the Polish in the cracking of early Enigma, the Allies would not have had valuable information to crack the cipher. During the German invasion of […] Continue reading

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Is Possible Student Safety More Important than Student Privacy?

In the article, “Mining Student Data Could Save Lives,” by Michael Morris, one can draw that Morris argues that if universities began using data mining as a form of preemptive measure to predict “the propensity for a person’s future behavior,” it would increase the safety of the students from threats.  Data mining is a form […] Continue reading

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Bloody Ciphers

There is good merit in regards to reminding one’s self to the fact that they are never safe in comfort. Mary Queen of Scots and Anthony Babington communicated with this “comfort,” while a double agent, Gilbert Gifford, was secretly taking their encrypted messages to one of England’s leading cryptanalyst and cipher secretary, Thomas Phelippes. To […] Continue reading

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