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Who’s Right?

A common element I found in Saturday that I brought up in class is there are constantly arguments over who’s right. After further analysis I noticed they are all debates in which neither person can win. Baxter and Perowne exchange a few words when they get in an accident. Baxtor says, “The Tottenham Court Road’s […] Continue reading

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Reality of a Memory

In Never Let Me Go many of their possessions, including their body parts, are taken from them. However in class we emphasized society cannot take away their memories. But in The Island they don’t even have their own memories to keep. What they think are memories are just recycled thoughts assigned to each generation. But […] Continue reading

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The Purpose of Pain

Dr. Moreau argues that pain is needless for humans. He says plants and lower animals do not feel pain. Men feel pain but do not need to. We are more intelligent than simple-minded beasts and do not need pain to keep us out of harmful situations. Evolution will eventually phase out pain because it is […] Continue reading

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