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Why We Cheat: The (perceived) Necessity of Walkthroughs in Modern Gaming Culture

I know it’s a long title, but bear with me. There’s a phenomenon that has arisen in modern culture of thoroughly dissecting and analyzing storylines and our entertainment options. Whether it’s the hyperprevalence of YouTube videos providing explanations of episodes or theories about the small actions of characters. It has led to the hyperprocessing of … Continue reading “Why We Cheat: The (perceived) Necessity of Walkthroughs in Modern Gaming Culture” Continue reading

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The Modern Game Climate: Gimmicks and Quirks

For the past few years, there have been the releases of several games that were very much hyped up and expected to do very well, or sold on one or two interesting points that made the idea of them stand out while the reality of the games were very hollow and unsustainable. There seems to be … Continue reading “The Modern Game Climate: Gimmicks and Quirks” Continue reading

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Sunk Cost versus Characterization

There are a lot of good reasons to like a character in a narrative, whether it is a novel, movie or even video game. They can be written well with witty dialogue, have upstanding morals, or even can just be attractive. But there are those characters, who, like in Journey, are likable despite not saying anything … Continue reading “Sunk Cost versus Characterization” Continue reading

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Allegory, whether you like it or not

I’m sorry, Tolkien – I love your work and all, but this is happening. Per the quote above, and the message in the foreword, it’s not incredibly hard to figure that Tolkien was not fond of allegory and especially its application to his work. While the times might indicate that the War of the Ring … Continue reading “Allegory, whether you like it or not” Continue reading

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Pokemon GO(ing down)

This may or may not be another controversial comment on my part. Either way, they’re my opinions on why Pokemon GO has probably peaked and won’t see anywhere near their huge rates of play again. First, the game was very much a beneficiary of the bandwagon effect. It easily would not have been as popular if … Continue reading “Pokemon GO(ing down)” Continue reading

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A solid break from stress and “Legion”

I think the moment I realized that I had gotten really into the game was when I stepped out of the Towers West Lounge and thought about walking backward to turn back time out of curiosity. That HUNT! puzzle killed me. I admit that I didn’t spend as much time playing the game as my … Continue reading “A solid break from stress and “Legion”” Continue reading

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