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Faerie Queene: The Jousting Plain

The Jousting Plain: game design and remediation of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene   Background The Faerie Queene: Book 3, Canto 1, Sections 4-12 In the beginning of the Faerie Queene Book 3, Sir Guyon and Prince Arthur are journeying together and come across an open plain, upon which they encounter Britomart. “At last as through […] Continue reading

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Digital Media: Real World Applications

Our class on digital media has covered many topics, a majority of which have been in relation to creative media. In my personal future of nursing, real world application in the workplace for digital media would be limited to simulated anatomy tech and record-keeping; I mean, pagers are still used in many hospitals, so digital media? relevant, […] Continue reading

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Fanfiction: what, of course I don’t read that! . . .

The very fact that writing a blog about this is semi-embarrassing and awkward will tell you something, first off. Fanfiction pretty much has a terrible name for itself. Some don’t even know what it is, others immediately think of the Star Trek books they’ve seen in bookstores and have thought “ha, who would read that?” […] Continue reading

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Orange and Blue

So, Portal. A game that I have not played since high school. Looking at both the first and second game, I am surprised at how fun it is. My remembered impressions of Portal came from how frustrating it was when I couldn’t figure out a puzzle, and how many times I would fall into the […] Continue reading

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Can’t Stop the Signal

You would think examining films and movies would be easy for me. After all, my dad has a huge DVD collection that I routinely go through and pick out movies that I haven’t seen. But even with such an extensive selection, my experience with film is rather slanted. With two younger brothers, I spent most […] Continue reading

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LOTRO: The Quests Go Ever On and On

Playing Lord of the Rings Online has been interesting. For me, I have zero experience playing that type of computer game, so a lot of it is just me fumbling around, not sure where to go or what to do.    I have a lot of problems with that, actually. I can start quests, and […] Continue reading

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A Fistful of Nothing

When I first started watching the movie King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, I was cringing. An entire movie about two guys duking it out over the title of Donkey Kong champion? Somebody needs a life here.    And well, by the end, that was still true. But that said, the movie did draw me in […] Continue reading

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Braid (the game, not the hair)

First off, you should know I am only kind of a gamer. ”Kind of” meaning playing Lego LOTR with one of my little brothers and CoD with the other one. Zero experience with computer games. So playing Braid was . . . different (and difficult). I found the music and the artistic look of the entire […] Continue reading

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