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I’m not crazy

Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer.  He’s not a savant, just a regular, ol’ small-brained fella.
-Kevin M.
P.S.  And since we didn’t get to read him for class, Oliver Sacks talking about his brand new book, Hallucinations.File… Continue reading

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“Hey, you’re not an alien!”

I’ve come to want certain things from aliens.  While we humanoids grow up basing opinions off of precedent, as we do with most things, our life experiences tend to deconstruct and reform our expectations of certain things; certain things, including aliens.  While years ago I settled for humanlike aliens with different colors, shapes, and misplaced […] Continue reading

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Oh, the irony

Epigraphs are hooks, designed to both taunt and capture the unsuspecting reader.  There is, however, an inescapable awareness on the part of most readers of the author’s desire to lure he or she further into the depths of there works.  Thus the epigraph must be both understandable, yet enticing.  It must be relevant but unrevealingly […] Continue reading

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Dear colonial Kevin who hates tomatoes

Kevin, It’s Kevin.  No, not the redhead Kevin that lives next door, but you, ten years down the road. You want proof?  Well oddly enough I remember where you were this week in 2002.  You are currently in Glens Falls, New York visiting Mom’s family.  But be careful, because you fall out of a bunk […] Continue reading

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Altruism: That’s just bad economics

How many decisions do people make everyday?  How many are conscious?  Unconscious?  While the jury is still out trying to “average” the number of decisions one makes in a day, the number is staggeringly high.  For, example, with each key I punch by moving my finger to type this blog post, I make a decision.  […] Continue reading

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Assuming that you assumed correctly…

Blog 3: When reading Kip Thorne’s chapter on wormholes and time-travel, the common person (me), must realize/ realizes many things.  1. That you are not and probably will never be Kip Thorne.  2. As such, you probably do not understand more than 30% of what he is talking about.  You love the idea, but can […] Continue reading

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L’art de voyager entre le temps

I write this blog post with the sincerest hope that many of you have read at least one book from The Magic Treehouse Collection.  If not, then I can’t quite say I would recommend doing it now as they are directed at elementary school students.  Yet, if you have the pleasure of reading with the […] Continue reading

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The Boson Fights Back

Over the past few weeks, masses and masses of people have suddenly become subatomic particle theory enthusiasts.  Why, might you ask?  Well the recent findings of the Higg’s boson, or the God particle, of course.  If the unimaginably microscopic dimensions of atoms were not mind-boggling enough, physicists have further narrowed down the world as we […] Continue reading

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