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Sweet, my opinion is worth MONEY!!

So far, I’ve made $279 just by doing surveys

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Without character development, you’re cooked: thus go the mantras of jillions of creative writing profs and zillions of RPGs.  As you read this, college dorms from Fairbanks to Fort Lauderdale are stirring with under-rested, over-caffeinated undergraduates, jittery with anticipation as they pen the last few pages of this semester’s final Intro to Narrative Fiction story.  […] Continue reading

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What Would Henry Perowne Make of My PhD???

“In Daisy’s final term he went to an open day at her college.  The young lecturers there like to dramatise modern life as a sequence of calamities.  It’s their style, their way of being clever.  It wouldn’t be cool or professional to count the eradication of smallpox as part of the modern condition…[For] the professors […] Continue reading

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Powers, Pater, Penman: Generosity and Mindfulness

“That isn’t mania,” she told him, even as doubt spread across his face.  It was, in fact, something much weirder.  “That’s what we in the mental health business call peak experience.  And you’re saying she’s like that all the time?” (Powers 93)   Early in Richard Powers’s Generosity: An Enhancement (2009), Thassadit Amzwar is rendered […] Continue reading

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