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Genetics and Environment: Final Project

The global population is expected to increase by almost 3 billion people by the year 2100. Genetic adaptations and manipulations will result in better nutrition, superior health, and longevity for these generations of humans. Despite the many positive outcomes positive eugenics can have for the individual, an increased population may have devastating affects on consumption, […] Continue reading

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Thinking in “Speculative Fiction”

Children of Men: We began our discussion of Oryx and Crake with a background on the author, Margaret Atwood. Despite writing what most people would consider “science fiction,” Atwood, in many instances, has been known to correct this improper categorization of her works to speculative fiction[1]. Speculative fiction, as Atwood describes it, is fact within […] Continue reading

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Challenging J.D. Watson: Speculation and Manipulation

In The Double Helix, James D. Watson successfully remodels himself from the scientist who discovered the structure of DNA to a flamboyant character caught in the whirlwind of the drama-laden, action-packed account of his tumultuous journey through the inner workings of modern science. At first, this portrayal seems less than flattering for Watson – the […] Continue reading

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Ownership as a Function of Inheritance

Despite a recurring theme of ownership in recent readings, how is it that we’ve never discussed inheritance in this context?  One’s inheritance (or lack thereof) explicably translates to the quality and degree to which characters in The Behavior of Hawkweeds, Soroche, and Never Let Me Go exhibit ownership of the tangible and intangible aspects of […] Continue reading

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“Right-handed guys…”

“…don’t hold it with their left.” This scene from the very end of the movie, depicts Vincent taking a final urine test just after he believes he has been the system and is headed into space. Realizing what this urine test means for his fate, not only for space travel but also as a member […] Continue reading

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A Forced Hand

“There is no fixed human characteristics, except for a general capability to choose what we want to be, to modify ourselves in accordance to fit our desires.” –Francis Fukuyama , Our Posthuman Future For being the complex creatures we are, it’s almost unsettling to be described in this way. Despite having a concrete set of […] Continue reading

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