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Worldbuilding in Science Fiction

We are struck, when watching modern science fiction movies, by sweeping vistas of futuristic cities. From the dystopian darkness and aggressive neon of Blade Runner, to the vibrant colors and eclectic bustle of Black Panther, to the mysterious images of floating black monoliths in Arrival, such images help to teleport the viewer into a different […] Continue reading

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The Invention Science Fiction Missed

“Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact.” This quote from Isaac Asimov rings true to our modern sensibilities, as on a daily basis we converse with AIs similar to those featured in many science fiction stories, watch digital billboards like those from Blade Runner, and communicate over phones and watches strangely reminiscent of Star Trek […] Continue reading

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The Final Frontier of Privacy

Technology’s purpose is to make life more convenient for humans. From the advent of the wheel to the creation of the smartphone, continual innovation has made everyday tasks easier for human beings. Yet such innovation often comes at a cost, and in recent years, that cost has taken the form of a loss of privacy. […] Continue reading

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