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How alien can an alien truly be?

In thinking of the most alien intergalactic creature I can picture, all of the different alien’s I’ve seen in science fiction movies and stories flashed through my mind. From the creature in Alien to the spider-like creature in Tiptree’s “Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death,” there have been many attempts to create aliens […] Continue reading

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5 Engaging Starting Points

1. Everyone had expected the international release of the commercial time machine to be the start of a new knowledge revolution – past, present and future always at your fingertips. However, no one could have predicted the horrors that came hand in hand with the ability to see from the beginning to the end of […] Continue reading

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Embrace what is to come

Dear Middle School Lexi, After a lot of deliberation over what exactly to tell a 8-year younger than me self, I decided to lay out a few suggestions that will help the next few years of your life go by a bit more smoothly. One of the main pieces of advice that I can give […] Continue reading

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To alter, or not to alter, that is the question

Through advancements in modern science, the possibility of ‘designer babies’ who have had their genetic makeup artificially selected to ensure certain characteristics or genes is becoming more realistic. Specifically, genetic modification could affect a child’s susceptibility to disease, allow parents to choose a specific gender, determine personality traits, or even establish appearance and IQ. But […] Continue reading

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The Paradoxes of Time Travel

Time travel is a prominent theme of many science fiction stories and movies. However, is it actually feasible? Most authors will present a short description of how the time machine was created, but there are always numerous feasibility issues if one tries to fully analyze how the time machine is functioning. After reading about the […] Continue reading

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The Unforeseen Future

Although time travel has remained a popular theme for science fiction stories over the decades, every author has a different perspective of what the future holds. For instance, in H. G. Wells “The Time Machine,” the human race has bifurcated into two species in the future – one species that has become the predators who […] Continue reading

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Writing the Software of Life

In May 2010, the J. Craig Venter Institute developed the first self-replicating cell controlled by synthetic DNA. In short, man-made DNA was injected into a bacterial cell, allowing the scientists to control the function of the newly-created cell. This reproducing cell provides a powerful set of tools for scientists: it could shorten the process of […] Continue reading

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