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Arrival came out in 2016 to much critical acclaim. It was nominated for all the usual suspects (see Academy Awards and whatnot), but for the purposes of this post, I want to ask, how surprising is this film? How groundbreaking? First things first, Arrival isn’t perfectly original. Most notably, it derives part of its concept […] Continue reading

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Or more specifically, let’s talk about the intersection between art and science fiction, which seems to be an important intersection for sci-fi writers and fans in their desire to be “taken seriously” as a genre and, by extension, an art form. Before we start, it’s worth considering that maybe this desire and our preoccupation with […] Continue reading

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So, the topic of women in science fiction is just too large and too complex to discuss with appropriate time, research, and nuance in this blog post. (We could probably spend an entire semester on gender politics in Sci-Fi and there would still be so much left to say.) Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to note […] Continue reading

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