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Young, Dumb, But Not Scum

One of the recurring themes of Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother is the trade-off between privacy and security. In the wake of a devastating terror attack, the city of San Francisco is effectively transformed into a police state, with the each person being monitored day in and day out. Marcus, the protagonist, and his fellow youth ultimately […] Continue reading

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The Modern Dichotomy: Protection or Privacy

Michael Morris’ piece Mining Student Data Could Save Lives presents the argument that universities in the United States have the technological capabilities to monitor their student bodies and act upon any suspect behaviors they may detect. Such a breach of privacy would better enable these institutions to facilitate the safety of their students, but at the trade-off […] Continue reading

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The Ubiquity of Cryptography

In the opening pages of the Simon Singh’s The Code Book, he asserts that cryptanalysis – the science of de-encrypting encrypted messages and text – was only possible once the upper echelons of society had reached a sufficient level of mastery in mathematics, statistics, and linguistics. This argument is predicated on the idea that the very […] Continue reading

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