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[BONUS] A Critique of Poe’s Man vs. Nature in “A Descent into the Maelstrom”

One would think that a short story with a name as intriguing and powerful as “A Descent into the Maelstrom” would be more than just a literal tale of a sailor who got caught in a hurricane. Disappointingly, the plot of this short story is exactly that, and not much else. For 9 out of […] Continue reading

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Why Van Helsing is an Idiot

Despite claiming to be intellectually superior to Dracula, calling his brain a “man-brain” while labelling the Vampire’s brain as a “child-brain,” there are many instances where Van Helsing’s actions lead to harm that could have been easily prevented. Reading Dracula, Van Helsing’s idiocy frustrates me the most, and unnecessarily complicates many conflicts.             The first […] Continue reading

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Could Slavery Come Back?

The most difficult scenes to read in Kindred are the ones that describe whipping. I knew that it was an extremely painful punishment, but without having experienced it, I never would have understood its powerful psychological effects in maintaining the power imbalance during slavery. After reading Kindred, I gained a new understanding of the violence […] Continue reading

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