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Do you know what that is? It’s called “white privilege” …

White people … do you notice the white privilege that surrounds you everyday? Thanks to your parents and ancestry, your white skin has given you superiority unlike none other. If you don’t believe me .. take the quiz copied below. If you can say YES for most of the questions .. YOU HAVE WHITE PRIVILEGE. […] Continue reading

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Blame the Family …..

Whose to blame when someone does not “succeed” in life? Do we blame the White man? Do we point the finger at the school system or the judicial/criminal court system? While many institutions serve as obstacles for many disenfranchised minorities, what about putting some of the blame on the family! We have a whole generation […] Continue reading

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White women REALLY want to be black!!!!

I read an article three weeks ago written by “an angry black woman” entitled The Truth About White Women. She claims that white women really want to be black women. That is why they get their skin tanned (darker skin is believed to be more attractive), spend money on lip injections (fuller lips are believed […] Continue reading

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