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I always feel like somebody’s watching me

“Like many of his peers, Christopher believes that there is a significant difference between having the ability to violate privacy and making the choice to do so.” (Its Complicated, 74) I love my mom. She is a great mother; however, her views on privacy line up pretty closely to that of the “intensive” parenting style […] Continue reading

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I Don’t Care.

The best security measures in the world, even the seemingly flawless and fool-proof of systems, can be beaten by the simplest of things: the failing to enforce it. In Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, there was a point in which Marcus received an email from some followers who were caught jamming by some cops. However, after waiting […] Continue reading

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Divided and Conquered

The Allied cryptanalysts were victorious over the German cryptographers due to a variety of reasons; however, one rather simple reason is often overlooked: the allies had a much larger and much more unified base of cryptologists than the Germans. Germany had a total of around 30,000 people working in the intercepting, decoding, and coding of messages. The […] Continue reading

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Übermensch and Unterseeboots

Who has the right to say how much lives are worth? Could allowing for the death of the few to save many be moral? Do the ends just have to justify the means in order to commit crime?* Admiral Hall definitely thought so. He thought the protection of his knowledge of the decipherment of the […] Continue reading

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"War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength"

Think about the term “preemptive war.” Isn’t it a little funny? A war to prevent a war. Is it worth it? What happens if it fails? Could a war larger than the theoretical one be waged then? It is definitely not impossible… What about the idea that a world without surveillance seems to beg tragedy […] Continue reading

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