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With a recent picture of a blackhole becoming the newest internet sensation I thought it might be neat to talk about my favorite word, spaghettification. In class we’ve talked about tidal forces, that is the force differential between the close part and the far part to a gravitational source. On the small scale, such as … Continue reading Speghettification Continue reading Continue reading

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Life Off Earth

Recently, I have read an article on Scott and Mark Kelly during the Twins Study by NASA. As a serious skeptic involving the potential for the human species to persist in space, I was surprised by the findings in study. Scott and Mark Kelly In the study, Scott was sent into low Earth orbit while … Continue reading Life Off Earth Continue reading Continue reading

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Considering all the horrible ways that either humans or otherwise could end life on Earth, the idea of inhabiting another world seems pretty nifty. The only issue with that is we need oxygen and for our soft squishy skin to not get fried by intense sunlight. So, the prospects of getting off our planet for … Continue reading Terraforming Continue reading Continue reading

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Where is the Center of the Universe?

If you asked the ancient philosophers, they would have told you that Earth was the center of the universe. Perfectly stationary, the heavenly spheres revolved around Earth causing the celestial phenomenons we Earth dwellers witness each day and night. Modern science has debunked, rather profusely, the idea of geocentrism. Now, we can easily leave our … Continue reading Where is the Center of the Universe? Continue reading Continue reading

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Antipodal Tides

It makes sense that the tide comes in as the Moon approaches that side of the Earth. The gravitational pull attracts the water away from the Earth. It would seem them that logically a low tide would happen at a location farthest from the Moon. But that is not the case. image link In the … Continue reading Antipodal Tides Continue reading Continue reading

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Historical Astronomers in Context

Galileo (15 February 1564 – 8 January 1642) was a hero of astronomy. Knowing that the Catholic Church did not uphold the views of Copernicus, he still pursued what he believed to be wholly factual science. After the Copernican revolution was rejected on the grounds that Aristotelianism was the product of the Divine, Galileo challenged … Continue reading Historical Astronomers in Context Continue reading Continue reading

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Galactic jet lag

In class, we discussed the implications and mechanics of light travel time. A major takeaway was the concept that because of the incredibly fast yet undeniably limited speed of light we are able to see VERY distant objects as they were VERY long ago. If you are like me, you might try to see what … Continue reading Galactic jet lag Continue reading Continue reading

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The Big Cheese

I’m a wonderer, so often times I wonder about odd things. Also, I have a nickname, The Big Cheese. nickname, The Big Cheese. Kinda related both of those things, today I’m going to be asking: “Where did the idea that the Moon was made of cheese come from?” To start, I did a simple google … Continue reading The Big Cheese Continue reading Continue reading

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