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My Alien Continuum

Aliens. The images conjured into my mind when this word is uttered have changed throughout my lifetime. Of course, as a young child the suspect was a green man with a bulbous head and an inevitable antennae protruding out of some part of his (for it was always a “guy” per se) body. Perhaps three […] Continue reading

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Killer Hooks

A macabre series of opening lines to match the title of this blog post. 1. As Peter gazed at the colossal asteroid, it gazed straight back at him and blinked. 2. The being was divine it seemed, containing a conscience so vast and powerful it single-handedly made Jeff a believer. 3. Through the lens of the microscope, back into […] Continue reading

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Eat Fruit Everyday (Blog 5)

Dear Younger Pranav, I am choosing to write to you from the mysterious realm of the unknown, or as you have often heard it called: college. Although you are now entering the meat of your high school career, college is just around the block. If I know you (and I think it is safe to […] Continue reading

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To Bee Or Not To Bee

Altruism, as a result of evolution, has been displayed throughout the animal kingdom. Whether it is the worker termites protecting their queen or the drone bees performing a similar role, somewhere along the path altruism was deemed as favorable by evolution. However, these animals did not choose to become altruistic beings. So the question arises, […] Continue reading

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I’m Relatively Uplifted

Blog 3: I’ll be honest. Before this reading assignment, my view of wormholes and time machines was probably similar to that of the majority of people. It made for decent science fiction, and not much else. Upon my reading of Kip Thorne’s discussion of “Sagan questions” and “exotic matter” I will admit to becoming slightly […] Continue reading

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Earth: 2100

Upon the completion of my time machine, I would travel to the illustrious year 2100. At first glance, one might be wondering why I would pick such a “bleh” year to travel to. You might ask, “Pranav, why wouldn’t you pick some year so far in the past that mammals have yet to leave their […] Continue reading

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Increased Understanding of Our Genome

Probably one of the most exciting breakthroughs in science in the past 20 years was the complete mapping of the human genome. For the first time, we have the complete “human cookbook”. However, our actual understanding of the intricacies of these roughly 3 billion base pairs is somewhat lacking. Yes, we understand the concept of […] Continue reading

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