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Manipulation and Intelligence

In many realms of science, people place a significant emphasis on what we consider to be “intelligent life.” We use our definition of what counts as “intelligence” when we allow the use of insects and animals in the laboratory; we brush off ethical concerns, often on the basis that these organisms are not close enough […] Continue reading

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Science Fiction’s Obsession with Human Mortality

A common theme and obstacle throughout science fiction stories is humans’ struggles with mortality, and their attempt to conquer it. There is a plethora of stories where a fear that man will be wiped out by themselves, a natural disaster, or some other entity is central to the plot. Other stories fanaticize about a future […] Continue reading

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Excessive faith in genetic probabilities in “Gattaca”

When discussing the 1997 film “Gattaca,” the issue of putting too much faith in genetic probabilities came up. In the film, flaws in people’s attitude towards living life emerged in a society where (almost) everyone decided to stake everything on what your genes predict you can, and can’t do at birth. In a striking scene […] Continue reading

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