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I remember being about seven, in trouble (usually reading late at night by the shine of the hallway light), and my parents being frustrated at me. My parents, being my parents, usually responded to me deliberately ruining my eyesight by yelling at me to stop reading at night and go to bed. I would usually […] Continue reading

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I Understand Quantum Mechanics

 “What I’m about to say will probably be interpreted as a joke. It isn’t. I’m not joking. I’ve been working with quantum mechanics for twenty years now, and I’ve always been uncertain – pardon the pun – whether I could accept the foundation of the very discipline that provided my livelihood. The dilemma bothered me […] Continue reading

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1807 words for one big debate: science & religion

At the risk of anyone thinking that this post might offer anywhere near a comprehensive view of the interplay between science and religion – it won’t. I can’t even say that I’ll make a dent, so please start with no expectations. They’ll just ruin the fun.   With that said, let’s begin!   Disclaimer: I’m […] Continue reading

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