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Where Am I? The Science of Memory Manipulation

“Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth” – George Orwell (1984) The idea of memory manipulation and its various tropes have long been a staple in science fiction. The 1880 novel Dr. Heidenhoff’s Process by American author Edward Bellamy was one of the first and […] Continue reading

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Building Our New Home

Many of us recognize the iconic potato farm that Matt Damon incredulously built from human feces, water from rocket fuel, and Thanksgiving potatoes. And while The Martian certainly did take a few scientific liberties, it had most scientists agreeing that farming on Mars wasn’t completely out of the question. In fact in August 2015 astronauts […] Continue reading

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The Future of Disease

Just recently, antibiotic-resistance genes were found in superbugs that inhabited soil samples. The catch: the superbugs were picked up in a remote region of the High Arctic, far removed from the nearest human inhabitants. Researchers on the ground stated that the only way those genes could have migrated so far, some even originating in India, […] Continue reading

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