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Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” “No.” “Are we there yet?” “No.”  This classic question reaches past the 2005 movie starring Ice Cube to our childhoods. We begged parents to inform us of our exact location to gauge how far we had traveled and how far we had left until our destination- forever wondering about our wandering. […] Continue reading

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Another Super Sad True Love Story

**Sorry this is a little late. I published it to my own blog accidentally.** While reading Super Sad True Love Story, I can’t help but identify with Eunice Park. Maybe it’s because as a young, heterosexual female also living in a very consumer driven generation, I find it easier to identify with a woman only […] Continue reading

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Lost & Maybe Found?

I think we’ve lost it -our true purpose as writers, scientists, students, or whatever title you feel suits your calling. I say we, and place myself in a position of high guilt, because I didn’t even realize something was missing until I read “Ship Fever” by Andrea Barrett. The novella details the 1847 Typhus epidemic. […] Continue reading

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I Was Here

“Tamara was here” was written in smudged green ink on my desk in the Gen. Chem. lecture hall. Although faded, the curly script stood out against the grainy grey of the plastic coating-simultaneously inconspicuous and conspicuous. I thought it interesting that in a lecture hall of over 200 students, I knew maybe twenty faces, half of […] Continue reading

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Incorrectly Cracking the Code of Life

After watching NOVA’s 2001 special, “Cracking the Code of Life”, which not only explores the superficial characteristics of DNA but also depicts various bioethical issues, I can’t help but be frustrated with the documentary’s depiction of the Lord family. Each of the twin Lord brothers had a son with Tay Sachs, an awful diagnosis for […] Continue reading

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