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Ancient African Astronomy

We’ve all heard that Stonehenge was a type of calendar or observatory that has been around longer than civilization. I did some digging to find other examples of ancient astronomy practices and I came across the following video: Nabta Playa video source. More information. This is an example of ancient people demonstrating an understanding of astronomy … Continue reading Ancient African Astronomy Continue reading Continue reading

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Historical Astronomers in Context

Isaac Newton had several major discoveries or influences on the field of astronomy. First, he developed a theory to describe motion in the universe, gravity, and has three laws of motion named after him. Secondly, and perhaps more important to the field of astronomical observation, rather than theory, Newton’s work in optics allowed him to … Continue reading Historical Astronomers in Context Continue reading Continue reading

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Milankovitch Cycle

As we all know, the Earth experiences seasons each year. These are due to the tilt of Earth’s rotational axis, which causes certain areas of the earth to receive more direct sunlight during parts of the year, which has obvious effects on yearly climate. Interestingly, the Earth’s seasons also shift around on the calendar year. … Continue reading Milankovitch Cycle Continue reading Continue reading

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My name is Matt, and this is my blog about space! I am a huge Chicago sports fan, and so pictured below is Soldier Field and the Chicago skyline Continue reading Continue reading

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