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Celebrity Jeopardy

They managed to get something wrong in every case. Apparently they’d picked up some media signal, bounced off satellites into the mirky expanse of space,  because they had all assumed the appearance of Earth celebrities. Their leader walked down the gangplank which had descended from their ship. He appeared–it took me an instant to place […] Continue reading

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Super Frog Saves Tokyo

During our discussion of Arena in class on Tuesday I thought of this story: It’s by Haruki Murakami, a Japanese writer who I’ve recently beco… Continue reading

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Starting Lines

These lines don’t necessarily telegraph that the ensuing story will be hard sci-fi but I did have a sci-fi scenario/story to follow from each. I thought it was more fun that way and hopefully no one will be puzzled by that. Here they are: 1. Over the years Wilbur had collected first editions of all […] Continue reading

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Dear Me

Dear Me, To ensure that this letter has the greatest effect, I ask that you just take a few things at face value, can your questions, and take heed of a few things here. This is coming from the future. I won’t tell you anything more than that. I hope that you should never live […] Continue reading

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Latent humanism in space

Space seems lonely. Ask the Bachelor Sun. Ask Elton John or David Bowie, whose respective songs “Rocket Man” and “Space Oddity” each relate stories of lonely astronauts. “It’s cold as hell,” Elton tells us.  What’s more, there are not many people to make friends with out there, and even if you find them it’s hard […] Continue reading

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Micro Sci-Fi

So first let me acknowledge that I began this course with a healthy amount of skepticism. Excluding the coursework of these past few weeks, I think the last science fiction I read was Ender’s Game, and that was probably about a decade ago. I used to devour fantasy in grammar school. Lloyd Alexander and E. […] Continue reading

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Borne back ceaselessly into the past

I have never felt like I was born in the wrong decade. This seems to me something of a folly, a rather extreme analogue might be the desire to change genders. I can’t well follow the path that leads to either wish, but at any rate, I’d rather explore time. When I toy with this […] Continue reading

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Rosie, I’m Letting You Go

I saw an opinion piece a few days ago in The New York Times about robots. The column by Thomas L. Friedman predicts that advances in robotics will launch an economic boom in the near future. Friedman posits that the field of robotics will effect this boom by increasing productivity and creating jobs. He likens […] Continue reading

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