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Text Adventure Game: The Complex

A quick link to the text adventure game we built for this class can be found here. It’s inspired by many of the dystopian themes that appear throughout the books we’ve read and even features a few cameos from classmates and famous scientists.   – ZachFiled under: Science and humanities Tagged: adventure, complex, dystopia, text Continue reading

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What’s the Point?

In Magaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, Crake tries to create a new race of human beings that he believed would be perfect. They wouldn’t suffer from sexual dissatisfaction, they would have no fear of death because they wouldn’t know when they might die, they would just drop dead all of the sudden. They would have […] Continue reading

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Slavery in Cloud Atlas

There are numerous themes that permeate David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas – reincarnation, connectedness, trust, and human nature are just a few. But often overlooked is the allusion to slavery, which, while explicit in some sections, remains much more subtle in others. In Adam Ewing’s story this theme is quite clear. Autua, the African slave who […] Continue reading

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What Makes You Stronger Could Also Kill You

DNA methylation was one of those wondrous discoveries that has completely changed the way we think about evolution and genetics. Essentially, certain characteristics and traits may or may not be expressed due to the attachment of methyl groups to DNA molecules. This process however, doesn’t take thousands of years, but can occur in a single […] Continue reading

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Is Human Cloning Inevitable?

Kazuo Ishiguro’s alternate universe in Never Let me Go leaves us with an alarmingly depressing view of the future of human cloning. But is this an alternate reality or simply a forward looking prediction of disturbing medical practices to come? Recent scientific breakthroughs, like those made at the Oregon Health and Science University (More on […] Continue reading

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Dangers of the Coming Age of Gene Therapy

While designer babies of the Gattaca universe raise all sorts of complicated ethical, moral, and medical issues, they are still quite a ways off. Far more realistic – and more scary – is the growing research behind the plausibility of emerging gene therapy procedures. The basic concept entails the use of biological delivery mechanisms, such […] Continue reading

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