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The Disconsolation of Mentality

In the following link, Killian C Quigley compares the narrative structure of Antic Hay to Barri J. Gold’s “The Consolation of Physics: Tennyson’s Thermodynamic Solution,” drawing parallels between the scientific paper and the literature techniques Huxley utilizes. Speculating on a different approach to Huxley’s work, Quigley begins a discussion on the relationship between scientific methodology […] Continue reading

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“Servants with Internal Combustion Engines”

Dehumanization seems to be a common motif throughout dystopian novels, from Never Let Me Go’s clone treatments to Oryx and Crake‘s genetic enhancements, and Antic Hay is no exception.  Dan Fang delves deeper into this topic in the following blog post, presenting the strange chimeric inclinations of the citizens of Antic Hay, and how that relates […] Continue reading

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“I want to be someone who believes”

Follow the link to read more about Erin Pellarin’s discussion of disillusionment and despair in relation to the ideals of the characters Gumbril, Gumbril Sr., and Lypiatt from Aldous Huxley’s first novel, Antic Hay. This blog post was written for the graduate course ENGL 335: Biocultures, a Seminar. “I want to be someone who believes”  […] Continue reading

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