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If We Could Go Back In Time…

Text by A.A. BENJAMIN, Game Demo by JO KIM, Characters by SPARLING Our fictional Once Upon A Time Machine video game proposal (<–see our powerpoint presentation here) had one obvious blunder. We had a cool game demo but treated our presentation as separate from the demo. As we talk about hyper-meditation in this English New Media course, […] Continue reading

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The Evolution of Video Games and the Diminishing Relevance of Failure

By Thomas Adams In class, we began discussing failure in video games. The most common version of failure in video games in gameplay failure. Gameplay failure is when the player fails to complete a task that he/she must complete in order to progress in the game. This could be failing to solve a puzzle (e.g. Portal), dying to […] Continue reading

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Donkey Kong Kings

There is a whole culture behind video games that I was completely unaware of – a culture of competition and pride. The film King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters seriously caught me off guard with the intensity and seriousness surrounding arcade games, specifically Donkey Kong. While it is nice to be the best […] Continue reading

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King of Kong

This documentary reminded me why people are the worst. We first meet Billy Mitchell who set the world record for Donkey Kong in 1982. He is originally portrayed as a man who dragged himself through the mud and made something of himself. He started his own restaurant. His parents say that he is a “winner.” […] Continue reading

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