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Science Fiction Themes Through the Decades

Taking this course was my very first introduction to science fiction. If I had to name one takeaway from what I’ve learned, it’s that science fiction is not about humans, but rather human nature. It’s about what issues us humans are facing in our current moment, and how those issues can be exploited through developments […] Continue reading

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Foreshadowing in “Ex Machina”

“Ex Machina” is a 2014 film in which programmer Caleb Smith, who works at a Google-like company, is not-so-randomly chosen for a private retreat at the CEO’s compound. The CEO—Nathan Bateman—lives alone, with the exception of a servant named Kyoko that doesn’t speak English and a humanoid robot named Ava. Caleb is brought to the […] Continue reading

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“War Games”

Military Science Fiction is quite prevalent, and AI and robots are ubiquitous in Sci-Fi. Then what explains this rarity of AI as competent generals/commanders? I would argue that because Science Fiction is bound by the rules of telling a good story, there are certain technological concepts that the genre has not figured out how to include while still preserving the story’s familiarity to the reader. Continue reading

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Subverting Cognition: Surrealist Automatism and Brooks’ Intelligence Theory

In Flesh and Machines: How Robots Will Change Us, Rodney Brooks presents his unique take on the pathway to create meaningful artificial intelligence. To briefly summarize, he suggests that removing clunky algorithms aimed at simulating cognition, while simultaneously creating a direct link between sensation and action, supports more advanced general intelligence (functional intelligence). For me, Brooks’ […] Continue reading

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A Plea to STEM

There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t hear about the push for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). In this age of technological advancement, it’s no surprise that it has become an integral part of our society. While the support for STEM is undoubtedly positive and necessary, it often leaves out something […] Continue reading

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A New Age of Artifice

In the fall of 2011, Duke University’s undergraduate literary journal published a rather unassuming poem entitled “For the Bristlecone Snag” (“The Archive”). To the journal’s poetry editors, the poem appeared to be a typical undergraduate work, comprised of several unfulfilled metaphors and awkward turns of phrase. What the editors did not know at the time of publication, however, was that this poem was not written by a human… Continue reading

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