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Worldbuilding in Science Fiction

We are struck, when watching modern science fiction movies, by sweeping vistas of futuristic cities. From the dystopian darkness and aggressive neon of Blade Runner, to the vibrant colors and eclectic bustle of Black Panther, to the mysterious images of floating black monoliths in Arrival, such images help to teleport the viewer into a different […] Continue reading

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Music of the Future as Depicted in Science Fiction Films

Have you ever wondered how cultures might change in the future? Will people hold on to their customs, or will individual cultures dissipate into an ever-growing melting pot? Science fiction has somewhat answered that question through its filmic presentation of music in technologically advanced worlds. Science fiction has integrated technology into current musical and cultural […] Continue reading

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Integrating Technology with Culture

I think technology and economic progress, when done right, can actually amplify a culture. One can easily imagine how, in the past, before industrial dyes, Wakandan dress-makers may not have been able to produce vibrant, long-lasting colors on their cl… Continue reading

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