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History Takes the Laugh Out of Many Things

Far from being a genre of pure imagination, Science Fiction is a category of writing insistently aware of the boundaries of reality. In The Paris Review, Ray Bradbury called it “the art of the possible, never the impossible.” Isaac Asimov characterized… Continue reading

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Learning my (sci-fi) ABCs

Can you believe it? The semester and the year are nearly over, and while I have plenty to look forward to (the holidays, meeting my dog again, catching up on hundreds of hours of sleep), there is a lot to look forward to in the world of science fiction… Continue reading

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Gray-tinted humans

At its essence, a human is human. A soft, malleable layer of flesh stretched over imperfectly constructed bones that act as a sort of rudimentary cage to guard the spongy organs we depend on to pulse life through us. Our flesh can be punctured. Our bones can be broken. Our organs can rupture. We are […] Continue reading

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My Time Travel Paradox

I’m exactly the kind of person that authorities shouldn’t allow anywhere near a time machine. For starters, I’m comically clumsy – I literally can’t be trusted not to “wander off the path” and ruin the present, Sound of Thunder  style. I would be that girl who accidentally convinces Monet to abandon painting or Jefferson his […] Continue reading

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