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Six stories. Six periods in history. Six genres. Six geographical locations. Six modes of storytelling. Cloud Atlas links these diverse stories together with the idea that characters are reincarnations of each other. If you thought, or maybe wished, that the reincarnation theme was just implied and not certain, Mitchell has dashed all your hopes because he […] Continue reading

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Water as a symbol of purification

“Water austerities (suigyo) of various forms are used throughout the Japanese religious world: the yamabushi immerse themselves in the Doro river during their mountain pilgrimages to Kumano, the Buddhist ascetics of Hiei stand under waterfalls, and many of the founders … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Cult of Kukai

We have spent a lot of time in class discussing the “cult” of Kukai, and also the nature of “religions” and “cults” in general. I would like to ask whether Shingon Buddhists and/or Kukai’s followers and fans are members of … Continue reading Continue reading

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