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Common Ground: a Fervent Individualist and a Socialist Dreamer

I was raised on Ayn Rand and capitalism. Every dinner with my grandfather for as long as I can remember has centered around the US- our freedoms, our military, our Constitution, our capitalism (and I wouldn’t have it any other way). By the time I reached eighth grade, I’d read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, her thousand-page dystopian […] Continue reading

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Simple and Simply unsimple

William Blake’s rather unlighted and scornful attitude towards Reynold’s definition of a poetic genius is simply simple yet unsimple. According to Blak being a poetic Genuis, are those who are enlighted by the sciences and art with a take of their inspired, and individual originality. In other words, it is not that of which Reynold […] Continue reading

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Money Speaks Louder than Human Voices

“Everything has a price.” This phrase in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake is not new, but it takes on a new meaning in the context of her novel (139). In today’s world, corporations dominate in every sphere from the economy to religion and politics. While Atwood’s world in which corporations have absolute control is unsettling, […] Continue reading

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Corporate Control

Often, literature reflects our fears and magnifies them. So the abundance of novels revolving around total corporate control over society is an interesting reflection of our fears today. Several novels I can think of feature societies where corporations control everything. Oryx and Crake depicts a world where corporations keep their employees and families housed in […] Continue reading

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The Top of the Pyramid

The introduction to “Beggars in Spain” could not have been more accurate when it described Nancy Kress as an “heir to the tradition of H.G. Wells.” Indeed, her style echoes that of The Time Machine (not mentioned in the introduction, oddly enough) on multiple levels. Like Wells, Kress conveys her views on class and economic […] Continue reading

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The Laws of Life

The “reanimation” of life can refer to much more than zombie media would have us automatically think. Killian C Quigley describes a 1984 court case where the legality of the marketplace for byproducts of life, in order to “reanimate life” came into question. But he also raises the question, “What is life?” Is it a […] Continue reading

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Flotsam and Chaos: Things in Oryx and Crake

Materialism and its corporate grip on society is a rampant theme in Oryx and Crake, and it’s no surprise that Dan Fang would take a particular interest in it. In this post, she discusses the significance of Jimmy’s retained materialism; the previously mundane things that he owns are tangible remnants of an apocalyptic past. Fang […] Continue reading

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