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What’s in a Name, anyway?

UNSCHEDULED  – BUT FEEL FREE TO COMMENT What’s so distressing about someone saying your name wrong? Is there something more to it than a lack of familiarity? Is it disrespect? Is it passive-aggressive hostility? There’s something sacrosanct about a name. It’s the first gift we’re given as children, and like many unasked-for gifts, it can be […] Continue reading

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Chimeras and Breast Milk

Oryx and Crake was only a few years ahead of reality:
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Blood Work, Chimeras and the Practice of Science

Ethical controversy over science is nothing new: in this post, Erin Pellarin compares the modern-day controversy over human stem-cells being placed in animal embryos to the controversy in 1667 over blood transfusions from one species to another. The main concern is always over the faint line between human and animal; at what point does this […] Continue reading

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Contrucido ergo sum

“I cut, therefore I am.” A play-on words of the famous phrase “Cogito Ergo Sum,” and an appropriate one for the continued discussion of test-tube food. This time, Killian C. Quigley draws sources from Donna Haraway’s Modest_Witness@Second_Millennium.FemaleMan©_Meets_Oncomouse™ and Tim Hayward’s “Would you eat lab-grown meat?” in order to illustrate how the question of how our […] Continue reading

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