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Science Fiction Themes Through the Decades

Taking this course was my very first introduction to science fiction. If I had to name one takeaway from what I’ve learned, it’s that science fiction is not about humans, but rather human nature. It’s about what issues us humans are facing in our current moment, and how those issues can be exploited through developments […] Continue reading

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Civilizations Beyond Earth: Possibilities

In many of the stories we’ve read this semester, humans (and/or aliens) create and inhabit settlements or civilizations beyond earth – either in massive spacecraft or on other planets. Are there common characteristics of these settlements? Are there certain physical traits that these settlements exhibit that are unique? Are there certain social structures that foster […] Continue reading

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Easier to Learn, or Easier to Access?

I believe that, while a high level of scholarship was required to develop the frequency analysis approach, it is not critical to the use of this approach. When the world was new to this subject–when it had just discovered ciphers and keys and cryptanalysis–all of the knowledge was completely new. It was the cutting edge, […] Continue reading

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Old News with a New Twist

The continuous development of the human mind and collective knowledge makes it ever more difficult to protect those thoughts and ideas we wish to keep to ourselves. The idea of privacy might seem distant or even unattainable to us today due to the prevalence of modern technologies and new advances in communication. The more information […] Continue reading

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Understanding: From Past to Present

It is no surprise that cryptography and cryptanalysis require at least a basic, and in most cases an elevated, understanding of mathematics, statistics, and linguistics. Back in the time before cryptography had been developed, such understanding was minimal if anything, … Continue reading Continue reading

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