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Quantifying Emotions

An example on privacy I found interesting was that colleges use tracking pixels embedded within their emails to gauge the interest of potential students in their university. Also that the pixels score each student depending on how quickly they open the email all the while doing this without asking for permission. I see this as […] Continue reading

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Is Privacy Worth It?

“But if colleges use the crystal ball that’s available to them, they will surely come much closer to that goal.” Throughout the article, “Mining Student Data Could Save Lives,” Michael Morris, the author, made many arguments, but his central argument was that college campuses should in fact mine their students’ data. That is the “crystal […] Continue reading

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On Physics Tests and Roses

I was miffed. “The names of the scientists are going to be on the test?” My honors physics teacher, who I regarded as a generally reasonable man, had lost touch with reality and was resorting to the lowest of low testing methods: rote memorization without purpose. Memorizing formulas was one thing–those were tools, mental shortcuts […] Continue reading

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A Story About My Failure

By A. A. BENJAMIN There’s a game sitting in my Steam queue that I haven’t played for months. I’ve gotten to the very last level, and just can’t get across this dreaded chasm. It’s called A Story About My Uncle, and trying to “grapple” with computer keys and a touch pad didn’t drive me nuts […] Continue reading

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The Romance Spiral

The Romance Circle Spiral The romance circle is common in all great epic stories. It starts out in childhood, then there is the threshold where the voyager leaves home for the first time, then the initiation, then the dedication to the quest, then the underworld, then the harrowing of Hell, then temptation, and lastly recognition. However, I […] Continue reading

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Enjoy the journey

Dear Sam, It’s me — Or rather, it’s you…  It’s us?… Ugh, point is, it’s Sam.  Your future self, that is, not quite 6 years down the road.  Hope you are enjoying your 14th birthday so far.  I should really know whether or not you are enjoying it since I experienced it, but it’s been […] Continue reading

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Blog 5: To My Younger Self

Dear skeptical Sean, I want you to know…no, more than merely know, but suspend all disbelief and wholeheartedly trust that this is indeed your older self writing to you from the future. Don’t ask why I’m doing this, and especially avoid asking how this letter arrived at your doorstep. Rather, just sit back and take […] Continue reading

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