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Controlling our Narratives

This post is in response to Brianna’s blog post, “Redefining Privacy.” To start, I find a lot of Brianna’s points to be extremely accurate and thoughtful. For example, many teens do use social media to “socialize with friends; to gather information on peers we know little about; to attract potential roommates and significant others.” Our […] Continue reading

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Medicine and Information Control (belated)

In class, we were forewarned about the violence in the Millennium series.  I clicked the “play” button on Netflix knowing full well that what I was about to watch would be violent to the point of being uncomfortable.  While this … Continue reading Continue reading

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Freudian Slips

Bound (1996) was an interesting movie in many ways.  I have not watched many movies with lesbian sex in it, so the beginning scenes definitely came as a surprise for me.  The only other movie I have scene that depicts … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Power of the Spectator

Watching the movie Rear Window was an interesting experience for me. Initially, I thought the movie was boring and I did not really understand the significance of many of the scenes. However, after talking it over with my friend in … Continue reading Continue reading

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