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Europa: A Jovian Lunar Oasis?

Discovered in 1610 by the renowned astronomer, engineer, and philosopher Galileo Galilei, the Jovian orbiter Europa may again serve to revolutionize humanity’s cosmic perspective. Initially evidence that Earth was not the absolute center of motion in the Universe, Europa, among the discovery of the other Galilean moons, advanced the credibility of the heliocentric model through … Continue reading Europa: A Jovian Lunar Oasis? Continue reading Continue reading

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Learning my (sci-fi) ABCs

Can you believe it? The semester and the year are nearly over, and while I have plenty to look forward to (the holidays, meeting my dog again, catching up on hundreds of hours of sleep), there is a lot to look forward to in the world of science fiction… Continue reading

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It Must Be Done.

It must be done. I nervously glanced down at my watch, calibrated to detect the precise instant in time I had entered as well as to keep track of the relative time that had passed since I had begun my travels. It was 6:43 pm, September 18, 2139. Ten minutes until show time. I discovered […] Continue reading

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In Silence and Solitude

Silence. And darkness. They say that space is a vacuum, an absence of light. An absence of sound. An absence of life. They say that nothing is out there, that a man could go crazy. They say that the silence kills sanity. They say that once you go, you never come back.   Day 1: […] Continue reading

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Mysterious Beings…

When I first began to comprehend the possibilities of extraterrestrial life, I thought of the stereotypical images of aliens that probably come to mind when the word is mentioned. By this, I mean something that is easily recognized to be alive, a humanoid form with many of the same characteristics that we share. As I […] Continue reading

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Five Fascinating Firsts

1. The Geiger counter was now going so fast that they couldn’t hear the individual clicks anymore. 2. Will still couldn’t understand their explanation of how they were able to harness the quantum tunneling effect and apply it to objects on a macroscopic scale – such as the human body – but there was the portal device, in his […] Continue reading

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Killer Hooks

A macabre series of opening lines to match the title of this blog post. 1. As Peter gazed at the colossal asteroid, it gazed straight back at him and blinked. 2. The being was divine it seemed, containing a conscience so vast and powerful it single-handedly made Jeff a believer. 3. Through the lens of the microscope, back into […] Continue reading

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Science or Fiction?

Blog 3: Talking about time travel and relativity in this class and reading Kip Thorne’s book challenged many of the preconceptions I had about the applications and the reach of science. I had little knowledge of advanced physics concepts such as wormholes and time travelling. I knew that they were theoretically possible (meaning to me […] Continue reading

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Assuming that you assumed correctly…

Blog 3: When reading Kip Thorne’s chapter on wormholes and time-travel, the common person (me), must realize/ realizes many things.  1. That you are not and probably will never be Kip Thorne.  2. As such, you probably do not understand more than 30% of what he is talking about.  You love the idea, but can […] Continue reading

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Cause and Effect

I personally find the possibility of time travel, at least to the past, to be very unrealistic. As an aside, I do believe ‘time travel’, if it should be called that, is possible due to the principles of relativity. Just get in a spaceship (timeship?) traveling at the speed of light, and time will stop […] Continue reading

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