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The Sin of Logic

Christopher Ingle I am not a fan of the idea that Urizen is feeling remorse during “The song of Los.” First, we have to remember that Urizen is the equivalent to the devil. Though he is also a creator, he is also fallen. He uses logic and conventional reason. Here is the problem. reason and […] Continue reading

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Set Your Imagination Free!

For the post next Wednesday (1/31), students will choose 3-4 plate designs from The Songs of Innocence (from any of the editions accessible in the Blake Archive, listed under “Friends & Links” below) to create your own story about this compilation of “songs.”  You will arrange these plates in any order that helps illustrate your […] Continue reading

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Genetic Modification as Creation?

One of the aspects of Oryx and Crake that has stuck out to me thus far in reading it is how Snowman deifies the titular characters.  He paints Oryx and Crake as the creators of the people that live around him in his post-apocalyptic world and says that he speaks to them, that he is their […] Continue reading

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Proverbs of Energy and Imagination

The “Proverbs from Hell” are an odd mixture are proverbs that seem incredibly similar to Proverbs found in the Hebrew Bible it is meant to counter and proverbs that obviously occupy the position of counter to the Proverbs of the Hebrew Bible. One of my personal favorites of Blake’s proverbs is “What is now proved […] Continue reading

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