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The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

Except in this case, nothing “evil” is really happening, unless we are talking about the 7 Deadly Sins. Then Greed would be the only evil. As stated in The Code Book, the Beale Ciphers have been tried to been cracked by many experts within the field of code breaking and puzzle solving for years, but […] Continue reading

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I remember being about seven, in trouble (usually reading late at night by the shine of the hallway light), and my parents being frustrated at me. My parents, being my parents, usually responded to me deliberately ruining my eyesight by yelling at me to stop reading at night and go to bed. I would usually […] Continue reading

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What raised the popularity of ciphers among the public

As Singh noted in the book: ” In the latter half of the 19th century, there was an enormous growth of interest in ciphers among the general public.” Ciphers are used a lot more frequently in people’s daily lives. Several reasons helped raise the popularity of ciphers among the public.       The improvement […] Continue reading

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Blog 4: Experience Curiosity

NASA’s Experience Curiosity web application allows viewers to go inside the Curiosity Rover’s mission. Viewers can explore Mars by leading the rover around or learn more about the rover and the mission on guided tours. Experience Curiosity gives highlights of Curiosity’s exploration of the Pahrump Hills region on Mars. You can examine the Pink Cliffs … Continue reading Blog 4: Experience CuriosityContinue reading Continue reading

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