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Dreams Like Clouds a Boy Without a Name

Tales of happy, even laughing children he had heard over and over again. The little boy yeared to be like a character of the tales he had heard. Who was picked off the lot and who was left in the herd? It was a fight and often times he would scrub his face clean to […] Continue reading

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dreaming aint just for men

Enitharmon’s dream was gendered as female because of its connection to Los; hitherto, Europe was ruled and dictated by a man’s dream, hence: “eighteen hundred years: Man was a Dream!” (12/9, line 2, 101). The logic of reason, or the ideology understood through the character Urizen, had been the contemporary order of society. Therefore, by […] Continue reading

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Dreaming Songs of Ambivalence

The innocence that is found in “A Dream” is bounded by the warm opportunistic tone offered in the last two stanzas, especially the last the line: Pitying, I dropped a tear: But I saw a glow-worm near, Who replied, ‘What wailing wight Calls the watchman of the night? ‘I am set to light the ground, […] Continue reading

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A Child Sleeps

Alexander the Great squirmed in his sheets, His mother over him beckoning him to sleep He closed his eyes and tried to dream Of pleasant hills and glistening streams   His mother thought him an Angel mild, “Dreaming of kisses, fairies, sunshine, sweet child” On his face innocence had dreamt Though not of nice things, […] Continue reading

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Take a Picture of Me, James VanDerZee!

Andrea J. Loney and Keith Mallett’s New Voices Award Winner Take a Picture of Me, James VanDerZee! is one that, according to author Loney herself, “celebrate[s] the humanity of all children.” In this case, the child celebrated is James VanDerZee, an African-American boy born in 1886 to the former butler and maid of President Ulysses S. Grant. […] Continue reading

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Traditional Thursdays: Angelina Ballerina

Most little girls (and some boys too!) dream of being a ballet dancer at some point while growing up. Whether it be the beautifully ornate costumes, graceful movements, or the thrill of performing on stage, ballet dancing always seems to capture the hearts and imagination of children. As a dancer of fifteen years myself, I fell in […] Continue reading

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The significance of Sheriff Bell’s dreams at the end of No Country for Old Men

While the film No Country for Old Men contains several overlapping storylines and themes, perhaps the most significant and central to the movie – indicated by the title – is that of Sheriff Bell, an aging lawman in West Texas who finds himself on the trail of a ruthless killer. Nearing retirement, he questions his […] Continue reading

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