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The Egyptian Senmut Star Map

The Ancient Egyptians made significant contributions to the field of astronomy. These ancient anstonomers were able to predict solar eclipses based on the passage of the moon between the Sun and Earth during the daytime. The Egyptians developed calendars and star clocks that kept time based on celestial movement. Senmut, the grand vizier of Egypt in […] Continue reading Continue reading

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Senegal: Growing Tensions and Relations

Egypt and Senegal Get Closer President Adli Mansour was invited to attend the 2014 Francophonie summit by Senegal in November 2014. The Senegalese presidential envoy Mansour Niasse asserted his country’s appreciation for Egypt and its people and hailed the pivotal role played by Al-Azhar in spreading the tolerant ethics of Islam in the African country…. Continue reading

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Thinking Outside the Box (of Imitation and Nature)

One of the things I have loved the most about Blake in my first few days of encountering his work is the constant not only opportunity, but obligation he offers his readers for interpretation. Moreover, it is not enough for Blake to simply force you to consider and offer possible interpretations of his works; he […] Continue reading

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