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Blake’s End as a Mastermind, or the Beginning?

Commending William Blake for what he’s showcased throughout his work is an understatement. Not only does he provide lucrative characters to symbolize significant aspects of his world view, but he also implements them to compare and contrast with your perception of what’s right or wrong. Throughout The Song of Los within the Asia section, Blake’s character Urizen is what […] Continue reading

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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Daniel Lizaola Lopez Humberto Garcia English 190: Senior Thesis May 2, 2018 I wasn’t always an English major. I was lost in the vortex of societal norms and allowed the cosmology of my origin be originated by my environment. In high school, I was influenced by Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his passions. For the duration […] Continue reading

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Tanzania: Heroin, the Environment, and Microfinance

Heroin Haul estimated at over $5.5 million Over 9 billion shillings worth of heroine was seized at the port city of Dar es Salaam yesterday. Eight suspects are in custody, all foreigners, including eight Iranians and four Pakistanis. This major bust is part of a larger effort by Tanzanian authorities to clean up the country’s… Continue reading

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Earth: 2100

Upon the completion of my time machine, I would travel to the illustrious year 2100. At first glance, one might be wondering why I would pick such a “bleh” year to travel to. You might ask, “Pranav, why wouldn’t you pick some year so far in the past that mammals have yet to leave their […] Continue reading

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Wiz and Vandy Connection

Given that this weekend is going to be a very interesting weekend for our campus I was thinking about how incredible it is that people from Vanderbilt can connect under the stories of a young black man in music form.  Thinking on the social and racial differences between the Vandy student with our distinct college […] Continue reading

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